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Barcode Ribbon

        Wax Resin Thermal Barcode Ribbon        Resin Thermal Barcode Ribbon       

Barcode Ribbon come in three formula types: wax, wax-resin & resin. Depending upon your application needs and the material you are printing on, it is critical that you pick the correct barcode ribbon type for the best print quality and durability. Below are some general guidelines to follow.


Wax Barcode Ribbon (Flat Head / Near Edge)
Common Characteristics Wax is the least expensive barcode ribbon available and is typically used with thermal transfer paper labels. Economical and easy printing even up to 12" per second
Common Applications Inventory control labels, shipping labels, hang tags, general purpose labelling.
Common Substrates Coated paper tag and labels.
Wax Resin Barcode Ribbon   (Flat Head / Near Edge)
Common Characteristics Wax resin is typically used on thermal transfer printable coated paper, synthetic labels and tags where added moisture or certain degree of smudge resistance is required. Soft and hard formulae readily available.
Common Applications Bagging machines, pharmaceutical labels, frozen product labels, drum and pallet labels, inventory control, mattress/cushion tags.
Common Substrates Coated paper tags, labels and polyethylene.
Resin Barcode Ribbon   
Common Characteristics Resin is typically used on thermal transfer printable high-end synthetics when extreme heat, oils and solvents are present. Extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. Also useable on nylon materials especially on clothing labels.
Common Applications Pharmaceutical labels, drum and pallet labels, asset labels, dry cleaning labels.
Common Substrates Polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and washable nylon materials.