Introducing Fingertec
Time Attendance and Door Access

FingerTec and TimeTec is an International brand, Trusted by millions of users around the world and in Malaysia.

time attendance system

Life gets exciting and secured with Biometrics

Time is free but is priceless. We have a wide range of biometric and RFID models for your time attendance and door access system requirement.

Face ID

It’s not a mirror, it’s a face recognition terminal from Fingertec providing solid identity verification through its contactless biometrics technology.


With a systematic method of data collection, all your employees have to do is just scan their fingerprint on the device, and presto! – Your attendance record for the day has been taken care of.

Card Access

The mobile license feature within Sage UBS allow users to check out their license from their office device and use it on another device remotely for up to 30 days. 

Door Lock

Different business departments are working closely together to generate the maximum output. 

ubs accounting new and better

Experience the newer and better Sage UBS

Redesigned for simplicity. Engineered for growth.

We have redesigned the product for simplicity to make it easier for you to use. We have also engineered it for growth so that it can support you in your road ahead.

Quicker, more accurate reporting

We’ve made accounting simpler – now we are making it easier. Our latest upgrades help you transform complex, critical financial reports into easily understood data through the all-new Report Centre for Accounting, Inventory, and Billing.

Sage UBS Software
payment service provider

Direct Pay

Sage UBS have partnered with several international payment service providers to introduce Direct Pay, a new Sage UBS feature that allows your customer to pay you through major credit card providers, popular e-wallets, and internet transfers so that you can get paid faster. 


Accounting Software

Sage UBS was honored to be recognized by Frost and Sullivan as the Malaysia Financial Accounting Software Vendor of the Year for two years in a row.

Sage UBS Modules

Sage offers solutions that make it easier for our customers to streamline business processes, resulting in lower operational costs and reduced risk, which leads to a more profitable and sustainable business.


Keep your books up to date, get paid faster and stay on top of your cash flow.


Stay on top of your stock levels, get all the information you need to make smarter business decisions, fast.


Take care of your most valuable resource and their pay.


Manage your property and tenants, and make them feel at home.


Set up your retail Point of Sale system, evaluate your sales performance later.


We provide free on-site or online demo and pre-sales consultation.


We provide online and onsite training by professionals trainer.


Helpdesk by a dedicated experienced UBS Support Team.

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