UBS POS System

Sage POS is the latest version of the POS solution from the developers of the popular Sage UBS Accounting software, making it part of proven series of software solutions.

Sage POS  is simple to use and works with plug and play barcode scanners. Now with touch screen technology, sales transactions can be registered in a few steps, making it very suitable for small retailers, restaurants and food beverage outlets.

Sage POS is one of the first local products to be integrated directly to Electronic Credit Card Terminals (ECCT), therefore sales transactions involving credit and / or debit cards can be processed quickly thus saving time and reducing errors. Sage POS makes it easy to monitor credit card sales and daily financial returns, leaving you more time to serve your customer and improve sales.

Sage POS comes with many configurable features. Some are listed below:

  • Inventory management providing up-to-date stock
  • Information at the retail outlet
  • Sales personnel performance analysis
  • Peak customer period analysis
  • Peak versus margin analysis
  • Receivables analysis
  • Loyalty program

In addition to efficient handling of front line sales, when POS is integrated to the widely accepted Sage UBS inventory & Billing and Sage UBS Accounting modules, users can gain insight into their business and therefore make better decisions to expand their business or improve profitability.

Quick Start with Wizards as a guide

  • To help users through the setup process and get started on sales quickly
  • To help users create new personnel files for different tittles or categories such as supervisor, cashier and others

Touch Screen Support

  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Reduces Input time for each transaction

Electronic Credit Card Terminal Integration

  • Makes processing credit and / or debit cards payment a breeze
Features / Modules    Remarks
Pos Model
  • Software
  • Online license activation
DeviceCan be used with a wide range of devices, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and POS display
Software – System
  • Standalone
  • Integration to Sage UBS inventory & Billing and / or Accounting system
Software – Features
General System Management
LanguageSupports multiple languages
Counter ControlsSupports multiple languages
Features / ModulesRemarks
User Controls
  • Item pricing check
  • Preview of previous / next receipt
  • On-hold sales / receipt
  • Receipt print / reprint
  • Interface with Electronic Credit Card Terminals (ECCT)
  • Sales Order / Lay-by (on short credit term)
  • Stock recive, transfer, adjustment
  • Cancel / Void Control
    • Keeping track of cancelled transactions and cancelled items
    • Traceable with cashier code and duration (audit trail)
Employee / User Controls
  • Setting of rights for group / function options
    • Item price overwrite with approval
    • F.O.C. given with approval
    • Item discount (% or amount) void
  • Display and form layout
  • Status alerts
  • Password protection
  • Multi-level security control
  • Time clock
  • Commission
Features / ModulesRemarks
Membership ControlsSupports multi-levels member groups (eg.Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Loyalty points and redemption
Reports on birthdays, membership renewal, promotions, signed-up package, etc
Promotion / Discount ControlsSupport various types of discounts:


  1. Total discount based on Value
  2. Total discount based on Percentage
  3. Item discount based on Value
  4. Item discount based on Percentage
Policy (Scheme)Support manual input / scan of multiple settlement instruments:


  • Gift Certificate
  • Voucher
  • Coupon (F.O.C and discounts)
Points CollectionItem points / redemption
Specific to Restaurants / Food & Beverages POS
 F&B Item ControlsSupports special requests (less sugar, more ice, more sauce, etc)
Table OrderingSupports multiple ordering terminals / cashiers
Supports customer ordering system where each table is installed with the system for customer to place their own orders
Features / ModulesRemarks
Customer Tracking
Customer InformationPredefined remark / customer display message.
Reports on members birthdays, promotions, signed-up package, special preferences,etc.
Transaction HistoryTrack sales to analyse spending pattern to support marketing campaigns or special offers.
Track popular items and sales trends to take advantage of opportunities and trends.
Group Items by Set CriteriaItem bundling where few items are bundled to become 1 item and system able to deduct all the relevant items accordingly. Very useful for hampers and gift sets.
Item Matrix where item comes with multiple colours and sizes. System able to generate all related barcode automatically.
Purchase with (PWP) – system is able to support various types of PWP schemes.
Photo ImageAllows display of item image on screen or even printout on Cash Bill (eg. Diamond ring or pendant).
Features / ModulesRemarks
Special Pricing
  • Promotional item setting
  • Promotion price by efective period
  • Promotion price tracking
  • VIP member discount / pricing
  • Staff purchasing discount
  • Package / Combo item setting / pricing
Real-time Inventory
  • Item serial number tracking
  • Keep track on availability of stocks
  • Alert on low level stocks for reordering
  • Better forecast on future stocks ordering
  • Ability to search by SKU, Description and Manufacturer
  • Reordering function by supplier
  • Shipment received
Features / ModulesRemarks
Special Pricing
  • Bill Printing
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Summary – by item / by date
  • Daily Collection (Cash / Card)
  • Special discount / free item report
  • ECCT report (credit and debit card report)
  • Gift certifcate, Voucher, Coupon Register
  • Inventory reports
  • Membership reports

Software Assurance

Sage Cover

Sage Cover is a software assurance designed specifically for the users of our software solutions.
It is derived from the important objective of protection in your use of Sage products.

When you have an active Sage Cover, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Value Protection of Your Investment

Ensuring You Are Always Updated

Continuous Learning

Self Service

Sage Training Centre

Over 10,000 certifications annually

The Sage Training Centre provides standardized and certified courses for our products as well as certification for payroll and HR job functions. Conveniently located within a stone’s throw away from the transport hub of KL Sentral, our 10,000 square feet location comes equipped with the proper facilities and certified trainers.

Why a Sage Certification ?

Sage is a market leading provider of business software solutions to the SMEs worlwide, therefore a certification in a Sage product could just be the door opener to employment opportunities that you have been looking for. In addition, a certification formalizes your experience and expertise as a trained user of Sage products, increasing the value of your experience in your resume.

You will then join a community of certified users of Sage products whom benefit from the latest updates on products and activities.